Noha - Test Product

Noha - Test Product

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By using pulse therapy, Noha stimulates the nerves and stops your period pain instantly. No pills, no side effects, no interruptions to your day.

  • Instant Relief
  • Drug-Free
  • Comfortable and Discreet
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how it works

The Noha device uses TENS technology to instantly soothe period pain.

The device emit small electrical pulses through two pads which you stick on the areas of pain. These pulses flood the nervous system which block the transmission of pain signals and your perception of pain.

Three easy steps to relief.


Stick On

Stick the two Love Handle pads on your stomach, back or wherever you feel pain.

Switch On

You’ll instantly feel little vibrations through the Love Handle pads.

Relief in minutes

The gentle massages will ease your muscles and stop your brain from registering pain signals coming from your cramps.
health insurance covered
Completely safe and drug free
All day battery life
free 100 day returns

Finally, a drug-free period pain solution that actually works.

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Got my life back

No longer am I suffering and debilitated every month! I cannot stress when I say I felt IMMEDIATE relief. It has changed my life.

Jemma. W,

United States


Thank you!!

I went from enduring 15/10 pain to even being hospitalised (endo, pcos sufferer). Within minutes of having it on I'm down to a 3. I have not felt this relief in a damn long time.




Game changer

My wife has been using Ovira for the last couple of weeks. She is sooo happy that I purchased this for her. She had her period and it has really helped her through it.

Tim M,

United Kingdom


A Lifesaver!!!

Noha has given me back the mental, emotional and physical energy that endo once robbed me of. It’s been the biggest game changer for me

Tahlia. R,



I. Am. Obsessed

My boyfriend actually ordered Noha for me (he’s the best). And let me just say... I. Am. Obsessed. I’ve worn it during period pain, endometriosis pain, and ovulation pain. I love it.



Noha is a TENS machine - that’s Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation if you want to get fancy. Noha works by applying a small electrical current through two compression pads (the Love Handles) that are placed over nerve roots that supply the sensory fibres to the uterus and/or lower back. Once in place, the stimulation prevents pain signals from travelling to the brain, causing the muscles in the uterine area to relax and resulting in a calming analgesic effect 😌

If you have private health insurance or an HSA/FSA card, you could get your Noha device completely or partially covered. Contact your provider to confirm your policy or visit our Insurance page for more info.

If you don't absolutely love Noha, return and get a full refund. No questions asked.

Your Noha device is covered by a 2 year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Noha is intended for the relief of primary menstrual pain (dysmenorrhoea). It may also help to relieve the pain of secondary menstrual pain due to conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, adenomyosis or pelvic inflammatory disease.

Noha can be used as much as you like - yay! Rest assured, the device has undergone clinical testing to ensure it is completely safe to use for prolonged periods of time.

Absolutely. Noha is designed to provide relief across the lower stsomach and lower back.

You sure can. Our Noha device can be used at all ages. If you have any specific health concerns, please check with your doctor.

Absolutely. We designed our Noha device to be used by all body shapes and sizes.

Backed by science.
Loved by you.